Girls’ Night Out!

A few years ago, an “evening with the girls” would have entailed much different activities. Nowadays, a girls’ night starts in the day with a ride and ends with protein shakes and carbohydrates. Thanks to the public holiday for Human Rights Day, I easily convinced my friends Annemie Kruger (BMC Racing) and Emily Clarke (Valencia) to come to Stellenbosch for an afternoon training session through the winelands and a vegan dinner afterwards. With our own version of Truth or Dare, almost crashing my bike from laughing too hard, a pillow fight, and lots of food, our version actually wasn’t so different after all.

2 responses to “Girls’ Night Out!

  1. A great way to trade a bad experience ( your damaged ham string ) into a great one. Wish I could have been there to enjoy that lunch. Andy

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