Dear Westport,


Home is where the heart is.

Through all my travels, I have never felt homesick. I may have longed for pancake breakfast with maple syrup, a cup of tea with mum, or a dip in the Rideau lake, but homesickness is best left for those who feel homeless. When people ask me where “home” is, Westport is my answer. Although I have never been a permanent fixture in town, it has always been a permanent fixture in my life; as J.R.R. Tolkien said, “all those who wander are not lost.”

Home is far more than geography and I have never been more certain of this in my life after my local fundraiser for my campaign to World Duathlon Age Group Championships. Hosted by The Cove, the local restaurant that has had a steady presence in my life, from babysitting me to my first job, I was overwhelmed by the generous spirit of people who were supportive of my efforts. From people who have known me since I was born to complete strangers, by the end of the night I was not only bursting with gratitude from each donation but reminded of why Westport is home.IMG_0287IMG_0282

Westport has the rare quality of pure community spirit. No place else have I experienced where people feel so united in a community that the bonds between neighbour and stranger rival natural family ties. It’s not only a rarity but offers anyone who partakes a truly wonderful experience, whether they have been living on Church Street for 30 years or on Main Street for 30 minutes. As I said to many guests at the fundraiser, it takes a village to raise an athlete and can think of no other village I would want along side me.


“Thank you” doesn’t seem to do the emotions I am feeling justice but, even as writer, I have no words that can match my heart felt appreciation. Thanks to all those who donated generously, I am able to cover the costs of my uniform, team membership, and entry fees to compete at World Champs. I always try to race with my heart, not with my legs, and, since home is where the heart is, come August 10th I will be racing with Westport in my heart.

Thanks to all my dream givers:

  • Robin Jones
  • Margot Rothwell
  • Doug Palmer
  • Mary and Terry Cowan
  • Willie and Lisa Colford
  • Megan Bomberry and Seamus Cowan
  • Dr. Roberts and Marianne
  • Marsha and Paul Herlehy
  • Betty McInnis
  • Carl Wyse
  • Penny Lynn
  • Flenn Puchniak
  • Felicity and Shakira
  • Shawn McCullouch
  • Chrissy Dickson
  • John Lamont
  • Sally Fletcher
  • Melissa and Shawn Patterson
  • Andre Renaud
  • S. Hughes
  • Candy Stothart
  • Donna and Bill Garland
  • Cynthia and John Pringle
  • Frank and Heather Huth
  • Susan Jikelli
  • Pal Robill
  • Doug Bender
  • Doug and Susan Gander
  • Norma and Gary Bonner
  • Julie Burt
  • Georgina
  • Velma Anderson
  • John Ostrander
  • Edward Verby
  • Pat Gifford

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One response to “Dear Westport,

  1. Oh, how proud I am of you. Love you whether you win or lose, as long as you try ! Love you,Andy

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