Greetings from Rock Bottom


Couch, series, ice and sadness.

Greetings from Rock Bottom!

It’s been a while since I’ve put my thoughts into words but here in Rock Bottom inspiration is a little lacking. It seems to be raining non-stop and there isn’t much to do here except simple rehab exercises, slow bike rides, gaining weight and the occasional teary-eyed couch fest complete with ice-packs and anti-inflammatories. Local cuisine consists of emotional treats including chocolate, brownies, and big bowls of muesli. I’ve met lots of different people including physiotherapists, biokineticists, doctors and massage therapists who are very knowledgable about Rock Bottom ways of life but most of them live out of town in Treatment or Professional Opinion. There doesn’t seem to be any locals in Rock Bottom, just me and a few other visitors, which makes it very lonely so I’m hoping to travel to Fresh Start or Healthy as soon as possible.

Don’t wish you were here,


2 responses to “Greetings from Rock Bottom

  1. Dear Sarah, I too am visiting Rock Bottom. The view from my place isn’t any better…ice packs, heating pads, re-runs and pain relievers. I have however have achieved semi-pro status in hobbling. Dreaming of sunny skies and endorphins fills my empty hours. I look forward to going home. Sincerely, Couched in Canada.

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