The Untold Stories of 2015

Not everything makes it to the blog but there are many untold stories that were a big part of 2015…


The UCI Philadelphia Classic

I missed the Liberty Bell but a ride in the Team Hitec Car was cooler anyways. Plus, the team mechanic, Zach, had cream cheese sandwiches…because, you know, “when in Philadelphia”.


Swimming in Lac Bourget

Our landlord in France, Pierre, not only spoke English (miracle) but was also a long distance triathlete (what are the chances?!). Accompanied by Edward on the paddle board and another local swimmer, had a beautiful morning in Lac Bourget.



The Worst Race Ever

Struck down in the prime of training by the flu, once I was vertical and mobile again, I was keen to regain some ground I had lost over the previous two weeks. Technically, I wasn’t sick anymore. One hundred meters from the start line, however, and I felt like death. I thought I would warm up but that was the best I felt day. I felt worse and worse each s-l-o-w-l-y passing kilometre and I had to dig deep just to finish the measly sprint duathlon. In hindsight, I should’ve stopped. I went home, back to bed, and tried to forget about it. 
Worst race


Climbing Hocheck in Austria

It was absolutely freezing when we started and when we got to the base of the Hocheck the road looked closed. We looked at each other, ducked under the gate, and started climbing up the 6.3km climb at 9%. It was my dad’s first Euro climb and it was great to ride it side by side.


Swimming in Lake Zurich

The Longest Shortest Ride Ever started here but cycling wasn’t the only thing I got up to in Zurich.


Romain Bardet

AG2R and their feeder team are based out of the French town where we were living in and I had recently met one of their feeder team riders at a race. (And by met, I mean saw naked after we shook hands five seconds earlier and he proceed to change out of his bibs).  A few days later I met him again out riding so, the next time an AG2R rider passed me, I assumed it was him but he rode straight passed me. Just as I was about to sprint up and announce a cheeky hello, Edward, who was just in front of me, rolled back and told me it wasn’t who I thought it was. It was Romain Bardet of AG2R. That could’ve been awkward…

Chasing down Romain

Chasing down Romain


Running the Croix de Coeur

Five hundred meters of ascent over 16km, up ski runs, under chair lifts, through forests, hairpinned dirt roads and a view above Verbier at 2,174m of the Swiss Alps. One of the best runs I’ve ever had.

One response to “The Untold Stories of 2015

  1. Dec. 28, 2015 at 8:26 am
    Good Morning Sarah: You write about your adventures in such an interesting way – and I find myself going back to look at certain photos. Best wishes for 2016.

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