Showing Up in St. George



Ed, me and everything we own!

“Your destination is on the left” the GPS politely stated. It was like getting hit by a bolt of lightening. We were here. We were in St. George, Utah. For my first pro race.

It didn’t take me long to go out and explore the Wile E. Coytoe and Road Runner scenery. It was hot, red and stunning and I even saw a legit road runner bird! The swim venue was a beautiful reservoir with teal water that was clear enough to see your hands but cloudy enough to hide any creatures or weeds lurking below. And then there was the bike course. Despite the constant bumps, the highlight climb of Snow Canyon captured my heart in an instant.


Snow Canyon

The serenity of the scenery faded pretty quickly, however, as I started race logistics. It was a cool moment skipping the big check-in line, getting my first pro number, and having a separate area in transition but one look at the start list and I felt like I had forgotten how to ride a bike. My eyes scanned down the bib numbers and that was the second bolt of lightening. Champion, champion, 2nd at World Champs, former Kona champ, champion, champion…and then my name. What the heck was my name doing on that list?!

Thank goodness all that’s left to do is show up. Twelve hours and counting…


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