New Bike! Custom Garneau Gennix TR1 Elite


Did 2017 start already? Getting a new bike makes it feel like 2017 is just starting. It’s lighter, stiffer, and, with custom paint work, a lot more me.

Last time I got a new bike I knew exactly what day and time I would get it but this time, I patiently awaited delivery, not knowing exactly when it would arrive. When the box was delivered, it was like Christmas morning. I got the phone call that said it was in and immediately I was tingling with excitement. I raced to the shop and, like an 8 year old, I tore open the packaging with a massive smile on my face.

I took the frame out of the box and stopped to take it in. The custom paint matched the team kit I helped design. The gradient blue looked great but the geometric pattern on the inside of the fork and rear stays stole the show. Instead of green details like the kit, I opted for hot pink. It was exactly what I wanted. More than that, it was exactly what I needed: new bike, new opportunities.





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