After seven years of academics, I graduated still searching for my direction in life and then I pulled my hamstring. When running was taken away from me, I realized sport was the one thing I wanted. Eventually I found triathlon and the rest is sweaty, determined, fulfilling, heart-breaking, life-changing, blissful history.



3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Sarah.

    Just read with great interest your awesome article on Mark. Tim posted it on Facebook. You really caught what he is all about!

    Saw your Dad in the shop today …wheel problems. Resolved!
    I’m off to Louisville and the Masters Worlds Cyclocross Championships tomorrow morning so I’ve been leaning heavily on the combined talents of Mark and Tim to get my bike and body in ” race shape”

    Clearly for more than a few reasons if it wasn’t for them this goal of mine would not have happened.

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles



    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad Mark has also helped you out. It’s amazing what a few millimetres can do.

      I would love to interview you about Masters World Champs! I’m always amazed by cyclocross. I just don’t think I could get on and off my bike that fast! Let me know if you can spare a bit of time to share your story.

      Hope you get lucky in Kentucky!!


  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment on my blog, healing tips much appreciated!

    Your posts are a great read too

    Piers HS

    Sailsmith racing

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